Why Choose A Natural Skin Care Regimen

Why prefer a natural skin care regime?If you are wondering why a natural skin care regimen is better for your skin, read on! This guide should help you to see the benefits of using safer and healthier products on your skin.

Beauty is a huge industry, with an estimated worth of $160 Billion a year, and it spends a lot of of that on marketing telling you their products are there to help your skin look younger and more healthy. The irony, though, is some of the suppliers are actually putting chemicals in their products that harms your skin — and in some cases even lead to cancer.

The pandemic lockdowns have given us pause for thought. With fewer reasons to go out, more and more people have started looking for safer and healthier natural skin care products so they can get the beauty positives they want without all the nasty negatives.

So what exactly are the problems with less natural skin care products?

Your skin absorbs what you put on it

Whenever you apply something to your skin it will always absorb some of it. From there, it easily gets into the bloodstream. How much is absorbed varies, but as some skin care products contain harmful chemicals, absorbing any of these is not great. If you switch to all natural skin care products you will be putting in plant based creams and sprays. So anything absorbed by the body will be natural.

Non-natural skin care products pollute the world

Non-natural skin care doesn’t just affect our bodies — it affects wildlife and the planet too. Plastics used by the beauty industry are filling up landfills and many aren’t even recyclable.

Many skin care products also contain plastic nanoparticles. Those wash into lakes, rivers, seas and oceans, polluting the marine environment. Meanwhile, phthalates in other skin care products are making their way into water systems and affecting reproduction in the fish population.

Natural products tend to come with eco friendly, recyclable or biodegradable packaging. Natural skin care manufacturers understand what the chemical based manufacturers are doing and are trying to change that.

Skin protects us — but can be overloaded

Our skin is a living barrier that protects the more sensitive tissues underneath. That’s why it needs moisture and oils. It’s also why cells flake off. They need to be replaced when they can’t cope any more. Skin does an amazing job of coping with our natural environment. Still, it has limits, and constantly subjecting it to non-natural substances doesn’t help.

Beauty regimes often use between 6 to 10 products a day and sometimes more. If you use 10 different beauty products a day, each with perhaps 10 or more ingredients, that’s around 100 different chemicals that your skin has to cope with. Extra, non-natural chemicals. Every day. They may not all be harmful, but it only takes a few. There’s only so much that our skin can protect us from. Some chemicals in skin products can cause cancer and it has shown that the parabens from skin care products have shown up in breast cancer tissue.

Will you switch to a natural skin care regimen?

Are you thinking of switching to an all natural skin care regime? Or perhaps just curious what all the fuss is about? Hopefully, these points will help you make the decision to switch to a healthier, safer, all natural product range.

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