Why Are Natural Cosmetics Better?

We love natural cosmeticsOver recent years, the world of natural cosmetics has been put into the spotlight. More and more of us are looking to educate ourselves about the beauty products that we’re turning to. After all, do you really know what you’re putting onto your skin or what damage it could possibly be doing?

When it comes to looking after yourself, it’s always nice to use products that make you look and feel good. But it’s not always easy to know which ones will actually do that. We see so many leading brands and products advertised, promoted, and being used by friends and family. It’s understandable that some of these chemical-clad products are the ones we lace our beauty cabinets with by default, but they aren’t always the best ones to go for. They are just easier for chemical factories to pump out.

Natural cosmetics are often better, both for our skin and our environment. Let’s take a look at the five main reasons why.

Natural cosmetics are gentle…

To start with, natural cosmetics are gentler on the skin. Harsh chemicals don’t always mean the best for your skin in the long-term. But when you’re looking at natural ingredients, they’re more calming for the skin and can help the overall health of your skin too.


The ingredients chosen for use in natural skincare products also tend to be less toxic than many synthetic cosmetics. Although a lot of skincare and beauty products promise to keep your skin looking plump and soft and younger, that may not be the case. Many ingredients and chemicals are actually carcinogenic, meaning that they can cause cancer. This is particularly the case with parabens. Natural cosmetics avoid these toxic chemicals.

…And eco-friendly

We also have to recognize that natural cosmetics are just so much more eco-friendly than chemicals. Synthetic ingredients will get into the ecosystem, down into the ground and into the water, and have detrimental effects. They can then go on to harm both animals and the earth which will have long-term effects on the planet. Whereas natural ingredients do not.

Natural cosmetics are also full of goodness…

It’s also a good idea to recognize all of the nutrients that you’ll find in natural products. Instead of harmful toxins, you’re met with natural ingredients, such as fruits and vegetables, that are so good for your body. This can be in the form of vitamin C, vitamin D and so on. Whether you’re looking at products with rose, argan oil, lemon juice or more, these will only ever benefit your body.

…and more ethical

Natural skincare products also generally avoid testing on animals. So they’re safer for the rest of the world too. And what could be better than that? The products you use to look after your skin shouldn’t have to harm the planet or other creatures to make you feel good.

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