The Legend of Cleopatra's Pool


Cleopatra, the last Pharaoh of Egypt, is one of the most iconic women in history. A renowned scholar, politically astute and fluent in seven languages she came to power at the age of 18. Julius Caesar and Mark Anthony, the two most prominent romans of the ancient world, were both captivated with her intellect, wit and charm.

It is believed that Marc Anthony gave the Ancient Pool of Hierapolis to the pharaoh as a wedding gift during their stay in Turkey. The sacred city of Hierapolis was one of the first thermal spa resorts in the world, attracted thousands of people eager to benefit from its healing waters. Since that time, it has been known as Cleopatra’s Pool, from which Pools of Cleopatra takes its name and inspiration.

Tales of the Queen’s exotic beauty and bathing rituals are legendary and this inspired us to create our spa range of luxury bath salts and organic skin care products,

Pools of Cleopatra’s unique products have been created and made in small batches in the UK and capture the fragrances and ancient extracts used by this iconic beauty. Based on the minerals found in Cleopatra’s pool, they are formulated with the the highest quality ingredients. Organic skin care is our priority, so all our skin care products are free from silicones, parabens, artificial perfume or colourants.

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